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Example WG Proposal for net2 (11/2006)
Name: Network Protocols (net2)

Charter: To define interfaces and interoperability requirements for basic network (multihop) protocols and develop reference implementations of those protocols.


Rodrigo Fonseca, UC Berkeley (chair)
Jan Beutel, ETH Zurich
Henri Dubois-Ferriere, EPFL
Omprakash Gnawali, USC
Jonathan Hui, Arch Rock
Kyle Jamieson, MIT
Sukun Kim, UC Berkeley
Philip Levis, Stanford
Geoff Mainland, Harvard
Joe Polastre, Moteiv
Arsalan Tavakoli, UC Berkeley
Gilman Tolle, Arch Rock
Martin Turon, Crossbow
Ning Xu, Crossbow

Membership Policy: The WG follows an Apache-style voting policy. Someone who wants to join emails the chair. The chair calls a vote. Each member can vote -1, 0., or +1. For someone to join, they must have a positive vote total and at least 3 members must have voted.


Nov 2007: Measure/identify causes of loss in CTP under medium load
Dec 2007: Define CTP rate control algorithm for heavy load (workshop)
Feb 2007: Begin discussion and evaluation of dissemination (TEP 118)
Mar 2007: Present CTP specification (TEP 123) and collection (TEP 119) to SC for community review
Apr 2007: Initial implementation of link-layer API

Overlap and Interactions: The boundary between net2 and core is the single-hop packet interface. net2 plans to work closely with core to define this interface, as it has requirements from protocols above (net2) as well as the hardware capabilities below (core). net2 has already brought this issue up with the core working group, who have agreed.

Comments are owned by the Poster. The Rest 2004 UC Berkeley.

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